Mediation is a facilitated negotiation with two or multiple parties to reach mutually agreed upon settlements. Because the agreements reached in mediation are mutually agreed upon, they often result in long lasting resolution of conflicts and participant satisfaction.

Mediation can help with:

  • Conflicts with hard to grasp or multiple issues
  • Avoiding or limiting expensive litigation
  • Resolving conflicts where an ongoing relationship is expected
  • Organizational improvement processes
  • Informal and confidential conflict resolution
  • When directed to use mediation as part of a contract
  • When other attempts at conflict resolution have failed

Vocational Consultant/Rehab Counselor

Mr. North is the President and Vocational Rehabilitation Manager at ACT. He is a Forensic Vocational Evaluator and board certified Vocational Expert with 16 years experience providing vocational rehabilitation services for self-insured employers, state fund employers and litigated injury cases. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from The Evergreen State College. He obtained his Master of Science degree in organizational development from Central Washington University. He has taught graduate level courses industrial/organization psychology. He is currently adjunct faculty at The Evergreen State College where he teaches on disability and work. He is active nationally in his profession serving on the Certification for Disability Management Specialist Commission as past chair of the test development committee and current chair of the test development committee for the American Board of Vocational Experts.

Lloyd Tommila, MS, CDMS:
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Mediator

Lloyd joined Achieve Consulting Team in October of 2013 as a Vocational Intern and became a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in March of 2014. He is a graduate of Portland State University, with a Master of Science in Conflict Resolution. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University and studied Sociology, with an emphasis on workplace and organizations. Lloyd’s education has emphasized cultural competency and social inequality, and he is keenly sensitive to clients in this regard. Lloyd has a well rounded work experience including non-profit, public and private sector, and ten years working in the construction trades. This makes Lloyd particularly adept at completing job analyses and labor market research. He is also relatable and insightful when interacting with injured workers.Lloyd received advanced training in conflict analysis, mediation and negotiation while completing his graduate studies. Lloyd has facilitated hundreds of mediations, including: workplace, marriage dissolutions, associations, neighbors, victim/offender, multi-party, small claims, and between state agencies and their service clients. Lloyd has served as a Senior Mediator for the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County since 2005. In addition to delivering professional mediation services, Lloyd has experience with conflict resolution training, group facilitation, community dialogue events and process improvement.