Disability Consulting

Disability management is concerned with reducing the human and financial impact of disability. An experienced disability management specialist can help employees, employers, and third party administrators reduce time loss resulting from disability. 

Providing job accommodations can provide a pathway to return-to-work before long-term disability sets in. Changes to the workstation, the work schedule, or work duties can allow someone with temporary disabilities return to active participation. This helps provide the individual with purpose and the employer with getting the work done. There may be cash benefits to employers including Stay at Work funds, job modification funds.​



Having a RTW program in place before an employee becomes injured can help set the tone and the stage for success. Aligning the manager, supervisor, and employee expectations sets clear boundaries, roles, and goals for a RTW program. Coordination with the employee, the medical providers, human resources, and managers can ensure a timely and effective RTW.


Job analysis are used for recruitment, training, performance review, and process planning. They are also used in disability management. Capturing the physical demands, mental demands, social demands, and environment conditions helps the medical providers assess whether an employee can return to their regular job with or without accommodations. Job analysis also provides clarity for the parties in a RTW program. Having light duty job analyses ready to go when an employee is temporarily disabled can speed the RTW process and set the tone that a valuable employee will maintain productivity and pay whenever possible.

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